In my 20+ years in the studio business, I have developed long standing relationships with all of the studio owners in the area.  I have visited each and every facility personally, and have booked sessions at many of them.  The studio I recommend for your project will be based on a variety of factors such as your budget, your setup requirements, the room configuration, facility location, etc.  We will discuss your project in detail first.

Additional Paid Services.

If needed and desired only, additional services below are available for a fee.

Engineering Services:

I have a collective of some on NY’s finest engineering talent with many Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards between them.  Their expertise range from conventional and modern studio recordings (for all musical genres), orchestral scoring and film post, television broadcast, live sound reinforcement, and indie “DIY” recording environments.

Session Coordination Services:

This is what I do, and have done for many years for the biggest artists and best musicians in the world.  Being involved beyond the session booking.  Liaison between client, studio, engineer, musicians, artist, label/client, to ensure all needs are met with satisfaction.  On-site day(s) of session available as well.

Gear/Instrument Rental, Cartage Services:

From a rare ribbon microphone to a concert grand piano- if the studio doesnt have it, I can get it.  All outside gear (if unavailable at the studio), instruments/backline, and cartage are from trusted reputable sources.

Musician Referral:

I have relationships with all of the top musicians in NYC.  *I’m not a Union Contractor.  I can refer you to one if needed.